Dentin Conservation During Root Canal Treatment


INSTRUCTOR: Bobby Nadeau DDS, MSc Endodontics 

Dr. Paresh Shah

LIVE Demonstration Webinar


AGD: 070

Course Outline:

This course will describe the benefits of dentin conservation during root canal instrumentation and how maintaining the pericervical dentin can improve patient centered outcomes of endodontic treatment. A modern, easy to use and safe rotary file system will be described. The step-by-step technique to using the rotary file system will be discussed.


Who Should Attend This Course:

This course is suited for general dentists wanting to learn how to conserve dentin during a root canal treatment.






Learning Objectives

  • Describe the pericervical dentin
  • Learn how pericervical dentin conservation can lead to better patient centered outcome
  • Learn the design and benefits of a modern rotary file system
  • Learn the step-by-step technique of a modern rotary file system 

Live Technique Demonstration

Performing a root canal on an extracted tooth and implementing new conservative Niti files.

AGD PACE Accreditation

Hands-OnLine LIVE is an Approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by the AGD for Fellowship/Mastership and Membership Maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. The current term of approval extends from 4/1/2021 to 3/31/2023 and the Provider ID # is 401651.


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