Simple Concepts to Shape & Polish Anterior Composites to Rival Porcelain

Instructor: David Chan, DMD, AAACD | Course Code: DC301

Dr. David Chan
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Course Description: DC301

AGD Subject Code: 250

This online course provides the participants with many priceless pearls to predictably shape and polish anterior composite restorations to the level that they can rival the beauty of the most esthetic porcelain restorations every single time.

A common challenge for most dentists is the ability to shape anterior composite restorations whether they are direct composite veneers, class IV or class III restorations to the degree that they so beautifully blend into the remaining dentition and thereby undetectably become one.

Dr. Chan will discuss and demonstrate in detail the predictable techniques to develop the primary, secondary, tertiary tooth anatomy in composite restorations for any tooth shape imaginable utilizing a few simple tools and seamlessly polish those restorations within a few minutes.

In this course, the participants will learn and witness in front of their very own eyes how simple it is to recreate natural tooth morphology and finish anterior composites to conservatively and esthetically restore natural teeth.

Who Should Attend This Course:

  • General Esthetic Dentists
  • RRDH (Dental Hygienists with a designation to perform Restorative procedures)

Course Outcomes & Hands-On Learning Objectives

  • Learn simple systematic contouring and polishing techniques to create exceptional anterior composite restorations that can match the best porcelain restorations or the beauty of natural teeth.
  • The participants will witness these simple step by step processes demonstrated live on how these amazing results with composite resin can be obtainable by anyone.
  • How to predictably create the correct primary anatomy with anterior composites.
  • How to predictably create secondary anatomy with anterior composites.
  • How to predictably create tertiary anatomy with anterior composites.
  • How to predictably achieve a truly amazing polish with anterior composite.
Poloshing and Finishing Hands-On Technique Kit included in tuition

Course Technique Kit:

Six Tooth Anterior Dentaform; Matrix Impression Material; Dental Adhesive; Universal Composite Compules in various shades; Composite Blending Resin; Esthetic Contouring Instrument; Composite Brush; Mylar Strips; Coarse Anatomy Trimmers; Diamond Finishing Burs; Diamond Finishing Wheels; Finishing Discs; Mandrel; Composite Polishing Paste; Cotton Polishing Wheel; Accessories.

Required Materials (not included):

This course requires the following materials to be available in your operatory and are not supplied in the Hands-OnLine Technique Kit: Slow Speed Handpiece, High speed Handpiece, Curing light, Compule Dispenser, Loupes, Air/Water Syringe, Alcohol and Gauze, X-plorer, Pencil, Scalpel.

Hands-OnLine Technique Kits will be sent the day after registration closes.

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